• Pradnya

    Pradnya as the word depicts will include building robots which have their own intelligence! This workshop will be about building a robot by using microcontroller thereby giving it its own mind. Students will learn about microcontroller programming and motor driving.

    This workshop will be for two days with eight hours of session on each day. The total duration of workshop has been properly balanced into theory and hands on practical sessions. At the end of this workshop a competition will be organized among all the participants, where each participant will get Certificate of Participation and the Winners will get Certificate of Merit.

Salient Features

Silent Features:

1) Microcontroller and its Programming
2) Optical Sensor
3) Sound Sensor(MIC)
4) DC Motor Driving
5) Basic Mechanical Structure(chassis) of Robot


• 1x (EmbedGallery’s PIC18F2550 Development Board)
• Programming via boot loading through USB Port
• Driver Software not required (Plug & Play device)
• All ports available for interfacing any other type of sensor in future
• External Reset Switch
• On board crystal oscillator
• Two battery supply: One for the circuitry and other one for motors
• On board 5 volt regulated power supply for the board and external peripherals.
• Two H-Bridge implemented on the board using L293D IC to drive two DC motor with 1A drive current at voltages 4.5 to 36 volt.
• 1x (Sensor board)
• Three LED-Photo transistor optical sensors
• 5 pin both sided Relimate connector
• 1x (USB Connector cable)
• 1x (High Quality Acrylic Chassis Board)
• 1x (Screw driver)
• 1x (Caster wheel)
• 1 Pair of plastic wheels
• 1 Pair of D.C Plastic gear motors
• 1x CD
• Codes
• Datasheets
• Drivers
• PPTs
• Software
• Tutorials
• User Manual
• Other required Tools and accessories etc.



Session 1:

• Basic block diagram of any robot
• Block Diagram of Pradnya robot
• What is voltage and current?
• Basic electronic components
• Working of Power Supply circuit
• PCB designing
• PCB manufacturing

Session 2:

• Sensor board Circuit
• Soldering techniques and soldering practice by participants
• Debugging of sensor board circuit by participants
• Working of LM339 circuit
• Thresholding techniques

Session 3:

• Simple explanation about working of DC motors
• Working of L293D Circuit & H-Bridge

Session 1:

• What is Microcontroller?
• Theory about PIC 18F2550
• Microcontroller circuit on main board
• Building bot and explanation of mechanical things

Session 2:

• Microcontroller Programming
• Introduction to embedded C
• Building and implementing basic programs
• Line tracing program
• Complete program
• Debugging and completing Robot’s task

Session 3:

• Additional Robot tasks
• Additional projects using EmbedGallery kit
• Competition
• Project Idea Sharing & Guidance for future projects
• Certificate distribution