Water Supply Automation System

Water Supply Automation System
Embedgallery’s ‘Water Supply Automation system’ is a step towards Smart Villages. This system is used to automate the water supply infrastructure currently present in Indian villages. This infrastructure consists of one or more motor pumps at the source of water mostly on Dams, rivers, Bore wells etc. and one or more overhead tanks near the village. By using our ‘Water Supply Automation System’ one can operate and monitor the water supply of his village from his mobile phone.


•The distance between the motor pump and Overhead tank is in the range of Kilometres. Therefore there is a very long distance to commute for just operating the motor pump.
•. If one doesn’t turn off the motor before the tank gets completely filled, then large volumes of water will be wasted
•. One doesn’t know when the tank is getting empty. Therefore it is difficult to maintain the continuous supply of water.
•Fuel expenses will be incurred for travelling to the motor pump location.
•Motor can get damaged due to erratic power supply
•There is a risk of electric shock/wild animals/reptiles while operating motor at night.


‘Water Supply Automation system’ consists of two parts:

1. Tank Side unit
2. Motor side unit
Both the units can communicate with each other using wireless GSM technology. Both the units will have facility to insert any GSM SIM card in it.

1. Tank side unit:

  • Tank side unit consists of one level sensor which has to be put inside the tank.
  • Level sensor can detect if the tank is full or empty.
  • This information provided by level sensor will be communicated to the Motor side unit through wireless GSM technology.
  • One tank side unit can provide information to multiple motor side units.
  • This unit can also be powered by solar energy.

2. Motor side unit:

  • Depending on the information provided by tank side unit about the water level, motor side unit will decide whether to start the motor or not.
  • IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System): User can start or stop the motor through voice calling with the help of an IVRS system by just pressing the numeric buttons on their mobile phone.
  • Dry Run Protection: In case of dry run, this unit will turn off the motor and will notify user about it through a voice call.
  • Protection against Fluctuating Voltage: Fluctuating power supply voltage could be very harmful to motor & can reduce its life. In such cases, this unit will turn off the motor and will notify user through a voice call.
  • Protection against ‘Single Phasing’: If some phase problem occurs in power supply voltage then this unit will protect the motor by turning it off and will notify user through a voice call.
  • Overload Protection: Due to some reasons if motor gets jammed then motor derives very large current due to overload and it may burn the motor coils. In such cases this unit will protect the motor by turning it off and will notify the user through a voice call.
  • Smart Timer: By using the Smart timer function, user can start the motor for a specific duration of time and it will turn off automatically once the set timer is over.
  • Missed Call Facility Whenever Power Resumes: Due to very irregular power supply, it is very important for user to get an update about current electricity status. Motor side unit will notify user by giving a missed call whenever electricity resumes.
  • Number Registration Facility: Users can register up to 9 mobile numbers in this unit. Only these registered numbers will be allowed to operate and control this unit; enabling greater security and control.
  • Password Protection: Important settings like changing registered number are password protected.
  • For all types of Pump: Motor side unit can be connected to both submersible and open well motor pump. It is compatible with both single and three phase motor pumps of any Horsepower.